Pleated Blinds

pleated blindsPleated blinds are made using a strong aluminium alloy rail to hold the fabric designed with an aesthetically shaped appearance and is available in powder coated white and brown. Using the patented Unipleat retention system means the pleated blind always retains a perfect shape.

Pleated blinds not only bring style and colour to any window but our collection also offers ranges with special reflective backings for improved control of solar heat and light.

Pleated blinds are now being made in a wider array of colours to compliment the special applications they are used for. With translucent, opaque, metalized, solar reflective coatings or block out there are many uses that other blinds don’t fullfill quite as well as the pleated blind.

Conservatory roofs with their awkward shapes and tight angles are perfect for pleated blinds as they can be made into almost any shape.

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